Going all cultural

Occasionally Shaun comes out with something that surprises me. Like the other day when he was reading the paper and he saw and ad for a play and he suggested that we go and see it. Cool! I love plays. We’ve been to a couple of boring ones though and he pretty much swore off them. I booked straight away before he could change his mind.

The play was last night. It’s called Rabbit and has a cast of 6 well known NZ actors. I had been looking forward to it. Best of all, it’s only 1.5 hours long. I get restless sitting still for much longer than that, even if I’m rivited.

We grabbed some dinner and headed to the theatre. We had just taken our seats (which took quite some time as all of the old people in Auckland were in line in front of us and had trouble walking down stairs) when an incredibly loud and obnoxious siren started screaming right beside my head. I guess that this sometimes confuses people (who probably assume it’s part of whatever production they are going to see) because in between sirens, a voice would say “The fire alarm is going off. Please evacuate the building.” Weird.

So we evacuated the building, being very careful NOT to get stuck behind all the old people in Auckland, who no doubt have more trouble going UP stairs than they do going down them. It’s very lucky that it was a false alarm or there would be no old people left in Auckland.

We stood outside on the footpath for 20 minutes while the firemen did their stuff. I spent the 20 minutes trying to talk Shaun into pushing the emergency engine shut off switch on the side of the fire engine.

Eventually we got back in and saw the play. It was brilliant. Full of swearing and sex talk.

I wish I could have seen the looks on the old people’s faces.


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