The miracle

It’s fair to say that I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to alternative medicine. I’ve said this before. I’m willing to give anything a go though, so as you know, I’ve started seeing an acupuncturist. I figure I have nothing to lose and I’ve read enough about it to realise that there is quite a scientific basis to it. That, and the fact that Chinese people have been using it for thousands of years – and look how many of them there are. It clearly isn’t killing them off!

Last night I became a believer.

For the past week I’ve been getting killer headaches. I had them some time ago and then they stopped. I decided not to write about them this time because last time you all tried to get me to stop fighting, and that just ain’t gonna happen. But something happened last night that I just can’t ignore. I went to the acupuncturist and as usual, I listed the things that were going on for me. The primary thing being the headache. She asked me to give it a number on the pain scale. I gave her 8. She asked me to point to exactly where it was on my head. I put my fingers on those big veins on the side of my head, right in the middle of my temples. I was surprised she couldn’t see them from across the room! She said that was great news. I bit my tongue and refrained from calling her a bitch. Lucky I did. The reason the news was great was because temple headaches are apparently easy to cure. Praise the lord!

She stuck one needle in my wrist and one in my ankle. The ankle one hurt a bit going in. I was thinking about that when she asked how the headache was. And you know what? It wasn’t. It had disappeared instantly and it hasn’t been back since.

The miracles of not-modern medicine, huh?


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