Cyber personalities

I read an interesting social commentary in the Sunday paper yesterday (see… I am sticking to my resolution of reading the paper in the weekends!). It was about our online identities – the growing trend of social networking sites. The discussion mainly focussed on how we are losing our privacy as a result of these sites and it’s true.

They featured an interview with a woman who found out that she was dumped by her boyfriend when his Facebook status changed to ‘Not in a relationship’. Holy hell. What an a-hole. That’s worse that breaking up with someone via text. (In the old days, did people used to break up with each over via fax?) Not only was he gutless, but ALL her friends (and by that I mean workmates, friends of friends, people that used to be workmates, ex-boyfriends etc etc) found at the same time that she did. Ouch.

The article talked about kids who measure their worth by the number of MySpace friends that they have. What the hell? I added Tommy Lee as my friend. Does that elevate my status in the world?

I suppose when it comes to having an online identity I’m right up there. I blog, I Facebook and now I Twitter. Between the three, I have no secrets. If you read this blog daily, you probably know more about me than you know about most of your friends.  If you follow me on Twitter you know what I ate for desert last night. If you’re my friend on Facebook you’ve seen photos of me at primary school and at every party I’ve been to in the last year. I’ve always been very blase about it all. I’m not a private person and I love an audience.

But what if that were to change? It’s worth thinking about.


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