Red letter day

A friend recently introduced me to the concept of Red Letter Days – days when really fantastic stuff happens. I’m having one today. His RLD’s have a catch. When he has one, someone close to him has the opposite. I have chosen not to believe in that part of the concept.

So today… the reason I’m so late with the blogging is because I’ve spent the entire morning playing with my new iPhone. So far it rocks! I’m pretty damn excited. I’m not really a gadget person, but this is one cool gadget.

I have the iPhone to partially thank for the second brilliant thing that happened this morning. Usually when I get a call from a number that I don’t recognise, I ignore it and figure they can leave a message. Because I just got a new phone and didn’t have any numbers loaded, when I got an incoming call at 8am I figured it was probably someone I know, so I answered it. It turned out to be my favourite radio station, calling to tell me that I’ve won a $500 voucher to this fantastic shop up the road! I’m going to buy a lamp for our lounge. I can’t believe it!

All of that, plus it’s Friday!

I’m happy to be alive.


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