Paint and chocolate

Easter was glorious. I don’t remember such a fantastic Easter since my childhood when we used to go down to Palmerson North to stay with my nan. Mum and dad would pack the three of us and the cat into the back of the car when dad got home from work on Thursday night and we’d start the 8 hour drive. We’d stop for dinner after a couple of hours and then mum would set up our beds in the back of the car. Mary and Dave would sleep in the boot (which may sound like some perverse form of child abuse, but it was ok -it was a station wagon) and I’d sleep on the back seat. The cat would roam. We’d stop on the Desert Road and put him on a leash so he could go to the bathroom. He would then spend the rest of the trip howling out the window. I loved those trips.

Dad would do Easter egg hunts for us. I’d eat all mine as I found them. Mary would make hers last over the whole holiday. Dave would save his until next Easter by which stage they had all spoiled. He did it every year, and every year we’d laugh at him and he’d cry.

This Easter was a so especially good because it came so early in the year. It’s still summer. It’s still daylight savings. And the weather behaved. Boy, did it behave. We had an absolute blinder. Shaun and I spent the majority of the holiday painting the outside of the house. When we bought it, only three of the four walls had been painted. The ones you could see. The north facing wall (the most important in this hemisphere) was hard to get to and clearly hadn’t been painted in quite some time. We set up a complicated system of ladders and planks and got stuck in. I spent more time than is healthy sniffing paint. I can’t help it. Like how I can’t help sniffing petrol when I fill up the car. I have some kind of inbuilt sniffing mechanism. Oh wait, everyone does. I guess I just abuse the ability.

Speaking of innappropriate behaviour, what’s with the guy who’s worried about getting too much pussy? He’s searched the same thing every day now for the past 5! Buddy, get over it. I told you already – there’s no such thing as too much.

So after painting the outside of the house we were on a roll and spent yesterday painting the inside. There were marks on some of the walls that have been bugging me since we moved in. They will bug me no more. Even if I hadn’t painted over them, I am now so severely brain damaged as a result of paint sniffing that I could no longer see them. We did discover that I am not particularly skilled with a roller. I just don’t seem to be able to get the paint to go on evenly. And on the occasions where I do get it on well, I then go over it one too many times and it peels off again. So I did the cutting in and Shaun did the rolling.  But not before I threw a tantrum.

So Easter is over and I’m suffering withdrawal. Not from paint, but from chocolate. I suspect that I ate my bodyweight worth over the last 4 days. As a result, I will be able to eat even more next year as my bodyweight has increased significantly.

But hell, for those of us that are non-religious, Easter is all about the chocolate.


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