Blast from the past

This week a strange thing has happened. Several unrelated people from my past have randomly contacted me out of the blue. One of my closest friends at university with whom I had a falling out with, a boyfriend from when I was 17 and the sister of one of my school friends. They have all found me through different channels and were just getting in touch to say hi. It’s very cool but a bit overwhelming to have had all three happen at once.

It’s strange trying to put the last 10 years of my life into a brief synopsis. I don’t know how much to divulge. Well, that’s crap. It’s going to be fairly obvious to anyone that reads this blog that I pretty much lay it all out, no holds barred. One of my favourite lines from one of the emails says “I haven’t spoken to you in over a decade and now I don’t know whether to bombard you with information like a common household stalker (!) or just leave it be”. I told her that a bombardment would be just fine.

It’s interesting to hear what paths people have chosen. It is also serving to make me reflect on some of the choices that I have made.

On a related subject, I had an amazing dinner with my favourite uncle last night. He is dad’s brother and lives in the UK but comes out here once a year for a visit. He took me out to dinner and after a few drinks he became quite emotional. He told me a lot about his childhood with dad and about my grandparents. My grandfather died before I was born so I never knew him. It was amazing to hear about what he was like as a person.

So I feel like I’ve been bombarded with the past a bit and it’s really nice.

I like remembering where I’ve come from.


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