Whoa. I’m having one of those weeks when I feel like I’m doing everything with a 20kg weight on my back. There is nothing particularly wrong, I’m just on a go slow. I got to the gym this morning and half way through the warm up I knew it was going to be an effort. There will be no boxing at lunch time. And that’s serious.

My mum would describe how I’m feeling as sluggish. It’s the perfect word. It’s onamatapoeic. I’m dragging my limbs around like strips of rubber. I’m not sure what it is that is causing it. I suspect perhaps just a bit of burnout. I also had a few drinks over the weekend and these days my finely-tuned-baby-making-machine-like body doesn’t cope as well as it used to in the days when I could drink any human being under the table. Twice.

I really don’t have much call to moan. This time next week I’ll be living it up on the sunny Gold Coast. Shaun and I are heading over there for a holiday to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. It’s a fun park holiday. I realise that it may be hard for people to believe this, due to my usually subdued personality and fear of excitement, but I love love love roller coasters so we’re going to spend our days being crazy and our nights… being crazy.

I’m having a bit of a moral dilemma at the moment. Because Shaun was away during the most crucial days of this fertility cycle, the chances of me being knocked up are even slimmer than usual – which makes them virtually non-existant. As a result, I’ve been caffeinating myself up. You hear of people that get pregnant at times like this – the times when they thought there was no way. Do you think it’s possible that I’ll have a foetal-caffeine-syndrome baby? Perhaps it’ll do everything faster than the average person.

Hey! That sounds kinda familiar…!


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