Not feeling the love

So. Valentine’s Day, huh? Seasoned readers will know that I’ve had a fairly patchy history as far as this particular day goes. I’ve inadvertantly brought a man to his knees, as well as had my heart broken by the biggest weirdo to walk the face of the earth. Those are significant occurrences for someone that isn’t really into the celebration. I like the idea of celebrating love, but I struggle a little with the commercial side of it. I wasn’t brought up in a family that placed much stock in it. Love is really something that should be celebrated more than just one day of the year. To be fair, I think that Valentine’s Day in this country has developed a bit over the last couple of decades. I certainly don’t remember making cards or anything at primary school.

This morning when I was driving to work I noticed shops with balloons and streamers all over the show. I guess they are probably selling flowers for twice their normal price. My wedding anniversary is in 4 days time and I remember at the time that we got married people recommended that we make it just after, rather than just before Valentine’s day, unless we wanted to pay a premium for our floral bits. That’s crazy talk.

As it turns out, my Valentine isn’t even in the country today. Well, my husband isn’t, and he made the cunning move of giving me diamonds that say ‘stay the hell away’ from quite a distance. I thought he was spoiling me. Now I know otherwise.

I did a shift at Youthline last night and we had calls from people lamenting the fact that they were going to be alone today. There was a guy who punishes himself by watching girly movies (the soppy kind, not the dirty kind) and getting depressed. I pointed out to him that Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks are depressing even on a good day. On a serious note, I was really surprised at how affected he was.

I wonder if it’s a day that is more celebrated in the US than it is here. On all the TV shows we watched as kids it was a big deal. People would count up the number of cards they received. Talk about pressure… Here it’s more about trying to get a restaurant booking. They seem to run shifts. You go in at 6pm and have to be out by 8pm so the next lot can come in. That sure sounds like a relaxing evening.

So I’m going to spend my Valentine’s kicking the crap out of my trainer, followed by dinner with my cats, then a drink with the girls. Apparently it’s a great night to go out if you’re single.

After all, if you can’t pull on Valentine’s day…


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