All by myself

Shaun is in Germany for 9 days so I’m flying solo. Well, solo with two cats. When he left last weekend it seemed like quite a long time to be alone and I wasn’t sure I was that keen on it. As it turns out, I’m enjoying my own company. I can eat fish for dinner every night – Shaun hates it. I can sleep in the middle of the bed. There is no one beside me snoring and breathing on me all night. There is no cricket on the TV.

On the flip side, I have to get up at quarter past 5 to make the bed every morning and come home to feed the cats before going out in the evenings. If I leave the car in town I have to run and get it in the morning. I have to take the rubbish out and hang the washing. And it feels weird having conversations with animals.

The most ironic thing about the whole situation is that it would seem that this cycle of fertility treatment is actually working but I’m missing one important half of the equation so it’s going to go to waste. On the up side, I know that it can work. That doesn’t make the frustration any less however…

The thing I notice the most about being alone, aside from just having someone around, is going to parties by myself. You don’t have a ‘home base’ and seem to spend the whole time sort of floating. So this weekend I’m going to a few social functions with a variety of random single friends as dates. I’ve had to make it clear that I’m not putting out though. 🙂


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