It’s a res/v olution.

I have a confession to make. Last weekend I wore clothes to a wedding. Shocker, I know. The first wedding for the year and I break my resolution. I have no resolve. As it turns out, it was probably a good thing. It was a very hot day and it was outside. I would have gotten terrible sunburn.

When it comes to my other resolutions for the year, I’m doing quite well. (It is important to note at this point that I don’t believe in new years resolutions – I think you should make them when they need to be made.) I’ve managed to read the paper every weekend so far. I’ve started a new system where I do a chore, then sit down and read a section, go to the gym, sit down and read a section… and so on. It’s working for me and the weekends are feeling more like the long weekends of summer should, rather than my old whirlwind of activity.

The biggest change though, is to my workload. At the end of last year I was getting burned out. I was stressed and distressed and something had to give. So now I’m saying no to jobs. Well, not exactly saying no, but setting reasonable deadlines. Yesterday I was offered an invitation design job for a high end cocktail party. They wanted the artwork ready to go to print this weekend. 2 days. The old me would have said “No problem” and then stayed up all night last night to get it done. But not the new me. Hell no. Not the me that is conserving her energy to get pregnant. That me said “Sorry, I couldn’t guarantee to have it to you before Monday” so they went elsewhere. Rather than feeling disappointed I felt completely elated. I went home after kickboxing last night and got to enjoy the rest of the evening eating dinner on the deck with Shaun. When the sun went down I did some work on my wedding album and then started a new book.

Just like a normal person!


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