Magic eyes

I wear glasses sometimes. It is supposed to be lots of the time, but it isn’t because they annoy me. I’ve had them since I was 17. I have the most rare of the 4 main vision problems. I’m long sighted with astigmatism. That means I can see things far off no problem and I have rugby-ball shaped eyeballs. Luckily not so much that you can tell – although that might be quite entertaining. I’d look like a muppet.

Being long sighted is actually not so bad. My left eye is significantly worse than my right, so I can drive no problem, provided I close the left eye and squint through my right one while focussing on the background, like one of those magic eye puzzles. I appear to be in a trance like state, but that’s nothing to be concerned about. It seems to make pedestrians a bit nervous though, as I approach them on crossings.

The nature of my vision impairment means that I can’t read without glasses. More annoyingly, I can’t see a computer screen – a bit of an issue for a software developer. So I wear my glasses while I’m at work and if I’m doing lots of reading, but that’s about it. People that only see me in the evenings often comment on me just getting glasses, if I forget to take them off. They always seem kinda shocked when I say I’ve had them for 15 years.

10 years ago I decided to get contacts. My optometrist told me that while they did make them for my problem (I’m referring specifically to my vision here), the technology was pretty new. New? I think she meant antiquated. The lenses were about 1mm thick and had these three lines at the bottom like crows feet that I had to line up with the bottom of my eye (the lenses were weighted at the bottom so they didn’t spin). They worked in that I could see. They failed in that I couldn’t shut my eye. Well, that’s how it felt. So those lenses lasted about a month.

Every couple of years since then I go through the contacts phase again. Every time they get slightly better but they still only last about a month. I spend hundreds of dollars on disposable lenses which all end up getting disposed of alright, but without being opened.

Yesterday I decided to give it a go again. The optometrist put a different brand of lens into each eye. The difference was instantly noticeable. In the right eye was the latest technology of the style of lens that I used to have. Water based. It felt like I had something in my eye (funny that). In the left eye was a new silicone something or other lens and holy hell – it was magic! I couldn’t feel a thing and I could see the smallest row on the chart! I haven’t gotten within 2 of that even with my glasses!

Technology huh? Gotta love it. Next year they might make those Marilyn Manson cataract contacts in my prescription. Boy oh boy, I can’t wait for that day.


3 thoughts on “Magic eyes

  1. I’ve just had new glasses and after an initial scare over high eyeball pressure and the possibility of glaucoma I’ve been given the all clear.

    It means that I was able to see the Twenty/20 match between NZ v England quite clearly 😉

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