My husband is bloody handy round the house. It’s brilliant. Sometimes I take it for granted. Often actually (although I’m sure that will come as a shock to you). If something needs to be fixed, he fixes it. If something needs to be built, he builds it.

I’m not used to that. I didn’t grow up with it. My dad is what you’d call the reverse of handy. He tends to be the cause of more things requiring fixing than actual fixing itself. I remember such episodes from my childhood as the one-little-tap and the gumboots-on-the-hands. The first was when dad and I were putting together a CD rack from a kitset. We apparently had it all done, but there was a quite significant looking spare part. Dad found a hole, poked the part in and told me to give it “one little tap” with the hammer. I did. The thing splintered into a million parts which all launched themselves around the lounge. When he asked me to help him put together a garden bench you can understand why I ran for the hills.

The gumboots incident was even more traumatic. For Christmas one year dad had bought mum a rechargeable kitchen utensil unit. It had this wall mounted strip from which an electric knife, a beater and some other stuff that I don’t remember hung from. It was the early 80s and we had one of those typical 70s kitchens with a brown tiled splashback between the orange bench and floral wallpaper. But that’s not relevant. Dad was drilling holes in the wall to mount the unit, only he didn’t know where the wiring was. It was my job (at the age of 7) to stand with a gumboot over each hand in order to push dad off should he start to get electrocuted. That still haunts me in my dreams.

So it’s a blessing that Shaun isn’t like my father in that respect. I came home the other day to find him moving the garden shed by himself using some sort of trolley that they use in the office to move photocopiers. Holy hell. The mess dad would have made of that doesn’t bear thinking about. He would probably have dropped the shed on one of the cats.

But the reason this is on my mind at the moment is because some months back I bought a new couch for my office. It is quite big and means that no standard desk will fit beside it. So Shaun built me one and he put it together last night. It’s bloody fantastic. It has this hutch of shelves built in that he has cut into the right sizes for my monitor and speakers and other stuff. It’s cute.

And then I moaned about not having anywhere to store the washing basket. As you can imagine, it was quite the dilemma. So last night he built me some shelves.

And I appreciate it.


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