In the summertime, when the weather is high…

I love love love long weekends. They make the short week that follows fly by. It’s Wednesday already! The working week is half way through. While I know I shouldn’t be wishing my life away, at this time of year I really do live for the weekends. I was thinking about it last night. Although the working year has well begun, it feels like a bit of a hiatus time. It’s like I’m half on holiday or something. Working from long weekend to long weekend. At the end of next month we’re going to the Gold Coast for a week to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and then that’ll be it for the holidays for a while.

I so much prefer summer to winter that I feel like a different person at this time of year. It’s because I like to wear as few clothes as possible. OK. It’s not really that, although it’s true that I’m partial to a bit of naked cleaning. (I’ve actually taken up naked garden watering as well – but only very early in the morning so as not to risk sunstroke.) There is just something about the sunshine that makes everything seem good. That and the fact that the days are longer. You get more bang for your buck.

This week is extra specially cruisy as I have a training course for the next three days, on a software suite that I already know inside out. I wrote a relatively complicated site using it at the end of last year. So I think the biggest challenge may be staying awake, especially now that I’m off the caffeine.

But hey, if life is so good that my biggest worry is appearing alert, then I’m lucky to be alive.


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