Yesterday was one of those days that turned out to be bloody great. I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary when I woke up. I had no big plans. It was just going to be an average day at work. But then stuff happened. Not big stuff. Just a few small things that compounded to make my day a good one.

The morning started off as usual. Those masochists among you that keep coming back to here to read about absolutely nothing will know from this post and this post that we have been having a few issues with the people that moved our furniture into our house a few months ago. They damaged our fridge and have been refusing to pay up. We took them to the Disputes Tribunal and won, but they were still holding out. Yesterday was D-Day (in my mind). I decided to pursue further action through the courts. That meant either having their company dissolved or sending out a bailiff to start seizing property.

I went home at lunchtime to get my folder of paperwork. When I arrived I checked the mailbox and there was a cheque for full and final settlement. YEAH!

When I got to the door I noticed a swing tag hanging on the handle. It was from FedEx saying that they’d tried to deliver a parcel and that they would be back later that day to try one more time, otherwise I’d have to collect it myself. If I signed the swing tag and left it on the door before 4pm they’d leave it later in the day. Sweet! I’m never home before 4pm. So I signed. It was a delivery of Abercrombie clothes that I’d ordered online last week. New clothes. YEAH!

As I was leaving the house I noticed something in the mailbox, which was weird, since I’d already cleared it. It was another parcel for some other clothes that I’d forgotten I’d ordered. YEAH!

And finally – the clincher. I got back to the office and was clearing my email when I noticed a message in my spam folder. I went to do my customary permanent deletion  (the title was Congratulations) when I opened it on a whim. Turns out I’ve won a luxury weekend away at the hotel or resort of my choice. Even better is that it’s from K-Y Brand (personal lubricant products 🙂 ) and the weekend away comes with a product pack. Hilarious. I don’t remember entering a competition but I’m sure as hell not complaining. YEAH!

So things are good. I’m now planning my romantic weekend away. It’s a good omen – I think I’m going to conceive. YEAH!


4 thoughts on “YEAH!

  1. This is my first post after being introdued about this blog from Forum. This is easy nderstand English writing for me to read and understand clearly.Yeah! Your life seem fun there, wondering how nice posting service like Fedex will be the same in Thailand,

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