Rain. Forest.

As has been the norm for the last couple of months, the weekend dawned sunny and full of promise. Being the cunning fox that I am, I had predicted this and had decided last week to make the most of it. I got together a group of trusting idiots and talked them into coming tree climbing with me. I’ve always been a big fan of tree climbing. But this was TREE climbing.

About 40 mins west of the city is a mountain biking park set amongst the forest. Up in the trees around the park is a rope course. It is a fantastic idea – provided you’re not afraid of heights. Or trees.  I found it a bit tame, but it was a damn good way to spend a nice day.

Tree climbers
The forest

As it turns out, I was glad we did spend the day in the sun because this morning the rain came. It is the first rain we’ve had in a month and holy hell do we need it. I’m getting sick of watering the garden every day, only to watch plants die before my very eyes. It is forecast to carry on for a couple of days and then clear up again for the weekend.

Thanks summer. I love you.


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