You are what you wear

In the old days we used to wear whatever we liked to work. Well, within reason. Because I work in IT, I generally don’t see customers and I spend 8 hours a day sitting at my desk. It makes sense that I should be able to dress comfortably, right?

A few years back a new guy took over as GM of the company and he staked his authority by making a few new rules. One of them was that every member of the organisation has to dress in ‘appropriate business attire’.  For men that means shirts and ties (it doesn’t specify pants, but I guess they fall under the ‘appropriate’ umbrella) and for women that means… well, what does it mean?

It wasn’t a particularly smooth transition. The majority of the guys in my department had to go out and buy entire work wardrobes. I managed to adapt what I already had in mine. We weren’t happy about it though. Over time (it’s been several years now) it became the norm. I have always been aware of the fact that there are days when the boys envy me. When it’s 30 degrees outside and they are wearing long sleeved shirts and ties, I can wear skirts and tank tops. Now that the fashion is dress shorts I can push the envelope even further. My rule is that you can get away with pretty much anything provided you wear killer heels.

Well, that’s about to take a dive.

There were a couple of departments within the company that apparently had been given dispensation by their managers to go without ties. Our manager was having none of that. Unfortunately, those other departments starting taking things a bit far. There are girls that come in to work wearing shorts and jandals (thongs – not the underwear kind). And we’re not talking dress shorts here. We’re talking day-at-the-beach shorts. There are girls with their stomachs on display. Hanging out would be a more apt discription. Appropriate business attire if you’re a hooker perhaps. But not in this business.

Yesterday a girl wore an outfit that would be more fitting over a bikini, poolside. And probably not when there were children present. As a result, the policy was recirculated and it now specifies no shorts. Well how bloody annoying. I suppose they can’t really say “no really revolting clothes” or “no shorts on people that have bad taste”. So I’m going to continue to wear mine and see what happens.

Perhaps I just need to teach a few people the killer heels rule.


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