Cat nests

There was a while there where I was in danger of becoming one of those people that doesn’t notice important things, like how much cat fur has been molted off onto the couch. If someone in a similar position owned a dog, I would call them one of those ‘dog people’. You know the kind – their car and house stink of dog but they are oblivious to it. Being a ‘cat person’ I am fairly self righteous when it comes to this kind of thing.

In our old house we had cushions that I made myself. While that in itself is rather an interesting fact, it is not the point of my raising it. And to be fair, I didn’t really make the cushions, I just covered existing ones with new material. But I digress. So these cushions were made of the kind of material that somehow seemed to attract cat fur. They were also of a colour that meant that our particular cats’ fur stood out on them in rather an obvious way. I spent a million hours a week with a fur roller, cleaning them. I recently gave up and bought new cushions.

In our house, the division of work means that the vacuuming is Shaun’s job. I have spent the last couple of years trying to explain to him that the job includes vacuuming the couches. He pretends he hasn’t caught on, but in actual fact I know he just can’t be bothered.

I am going somewhere with this.

The cats have recently stopped sleeping on the couches and have moved to the spare bed. During the middle of the day, the sun shines onto it and they love that. They curl up at the top between the pillows and are slowly starting to mark the light blue duvet with their fur dust. (I made up the term fur dust because I don’t acually know what is making the dirt marks.)

Over the holidays I came up with a cunning plan. I decided to buy a cat nest and put it on the bed in the hope that they’d sleep in that, therefore saving the bed from further abuse. And the plan worked. Unfortunately I understimated the size of our cats.

 Julio in the cat nest Chico in the cat nest

*** Afternoon update ***

Both cats in the nest


3 thoughts on “Cat nests

  1. Fur dust is Mange? That’s a skin condition caused by mites. Cats hardly ever get mange.
    Flea dirt (eggs, feces)look like dark bits in fur & turn into blood spots when wet. Do you mean dandruff?

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