Slooooowwww down.

I started out this year with a new strategy. When I thought back over last year I realised that the most stressful parts of the year were the result of ‘over booking’. I don’t just mean over booking work wise. I mean generally.

I have never been someone that can just sit down and do nothing (unless it’s the half hour every night that I read my book before sleeping – but that’s necessary in order to wind down from the day and crash). I struggle to watch movies at home because it just doesn’t seem like productive use of time. If I do watch one, I tend to do other stuff at the same time, meaning I miss important parts of the story line and annoy the hell out of whoever else is watching by asking obvious questions all the time.

But I took not doing nothing to a whole different level last year. I filled every waking moment up with committments, either work, Youthline, training or social stuff. There was just no time left over to rest up. No doubt it was having a detrimental affect on my attempts to get knocked up.

So this year I have decided to slow things down a bit. I plan to keep the number of jobs I take on through my business to a manageable level. I plan to only do my requisite number of Youthline shifts. I plan to keep my workouts to one a day. I plan to organise no more than 2 social events a week and I plan to try and watch movies for relaxation. Mostly, I plan to make sure I stop to read the paper in the weekends.

All of those are good in theory. Great even. But it’s only the second week of the year and things are going awry. I didn’t read the paper on Saturday.  I cut recipes out of magazines whilst watching a movie last night. I have worked out today and have another session blocked in for lunchtime. A friend just asked if we could do dinner some time soon. I looked in my diary and gave her the last free evening I have left until mid February.

What the hell is wrong with me?


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