So, I’ve returned from my summer holiday and it’s fair to say that I’ve got quite the case of ground shock from landing back in reality so hard.  2008 has treated me well so far. It’s delivered nothing but sunshine and good times. Long may it continue (the good times that is – not 2008, which should really only last for another 12 months or so).

My holiday started around mid day on Christmas eve, when I skived off work several hours early. I began my 14 day pilgrimage to food and alcohol shortly after that. It ended at dinner last night.

Today I’m back in the office and after 3 hours it’s starting to feel a lot like day-sleep time. Unfortunately that won’t be happening as I have boxing to get back into. I now have quite a bit of repenting to do as a result of the pilgrimage. It became apparent to me towards the end of my holiday that all of our long standing family traditions revolve around eating. I did nothing more strenuous than jogging over the holiday – unless you count the ‘dancing’ over New Years. I put that in quotes due to the fact that it was much more reminiscent of jumping like an idiot than actual dancing.

Speaking of idiocy, I did a few other less than smart things, but I’m sure that comes as no surprise. I broke the fin off a prize-winning wall mounted fish. I let off quite the fireworks display on the hood of someone else’s truck. I did tricks with my toy stunt helicopter on the roof of someone else’s house. I think I’ll stop there… 

Stunt helicopter

Because Christmas is in summer here, people tend to head away to the beaches. My holiday was split over three seperate locations. We spent a few days down south with my in-laws, then headed up to the beach with friends to behave badly for the New Years celebration, followed by relaxing at another beach even further up north with my family.

A trillion things happened and I even made a new years resolution, but that’s a-whole-nother story.

So happy new year. Right now I have to go and read a million emails.
(It’s becoming apparent that my tendency to exaggerate hasn’t changed.)


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