Pay up.

If you read this post a while back you’ll know that we had a few issues with the guys that moved our furniture to our new house a few months back. They damaged our fridge and have continued to screw us around for the last 4 months. Being the righteous bitch that I am, there was no way I was going to let them get away with that. To have the fridge door repaired is going to cost over $500. Considering the damage was through no fault of our own, I don’t really want to pay it. Add to that the fact that the guy who is supposed to be paying it is being a complete a-hole, there is not way in hell that I’m going to pay it.

So we took it to court. The Disputes Tribunal, to be more accurate. Kinda like a court, only not. It costs $30 to lodge a dispute. The ‘judge’ is more of a mediator. They tend to be Justice of the Peaces or retired judges. There are no lawyers.  The Tribunal makes a ruling and then it’s up to us to police that. If we have no luck, we can apply to the courts for help.

So I spent heaps of time preparing my statement. I got my sister-lawyer to courtify it for me and off we went. I was full of fire and ready to take on the nasty man. There was a snag however. The nasty man didn’t show up. So we won.

He now has 10 days to pay us. I’m not holding out high hopes. The fact that he has ignored us for months and then didn’t show up to the hearing implies that he is such an idiot that he’s hardly likely to find any intelligence now.

Which is fine. If he doesn’t, we can get a bailiff to go over and start seizing stuff off him. That would be highly entertaining.

The thing that stuns me the most is that he doesn’t even own the moving company – he just works for them. I wonder how his boss will feel about him if a bailiff DID show up.


2 thoughts on “Pay up.

  1. So what happens? The bayliffs show up and take valuable stuff, but how do you get your money back? Do they auction it off like here in the UK?

    It’s good to see some half-wits get their comeuppance, but on a high note, I took my car to the garage today to fix a flat tire and charge the battery and they didnt charge, a fee that is.

    Sometimes you find the worst of ’em, and sometimes, by accident, you find some really nice folks.

  2. In theory what will happen is that the bailiff will show up and threaten to seize property, which will prompt them to pay immediatly. That is what usually happens. If not, then the property is given to us.

    Very cool, re your car!

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