A series of misadventures

So yesterday was… interesting. After a day of tree climbing and other silly but rather typical antics, I accidentally backed Shaun’s car into a friend’s fence. They have one of those ridiculously long driveways that almost make you think twice about driving down in the first place. But I did. Damn it.

It wasn’t a bad collision. It was more of a graze really. But Shaun understandably doesn’t go well with grazes on his car.  I had one of my friends with me who just happens to be pretty well versed in fixing up car injuries, being someone that inflicts a fair few herself. Upon inspecting the damage, we decided that it was superficial and could be sorted out with a quick cut and polish.

We stopped in at the gas station for supplies and headed home to do some body work. That’s where we hit a bit of a snag. We couldn’t get the lid off the tin. I attempted to force it open with every impliment in her cutlery draw but to no avail. We decided that we were going to have to swallow our pride and find a man to help.

We knocked on the neighbour’s door. A woman answered. Apparently all the men that usually live there were out. We explained our predicament. In a friendly attempt to save my hide, she had a go at the tin. No good.

We tried the house on the other side. Another girl. She didn’t even want a try, but helpfully told us that there was a guy living next door to her that once helped her fix her car. Perfect. Just the kind of man we were after.

We knocked on his door. This time we left out the fact that we needed someone to be complicit in a cover up operation. We just smiled sweetly. He invited us in. Talk about perfect timing. He had the Mayweather fight on! We sat in his lounge with his friend while he fussed around out back. He was clearly struggling with the tin but told us that he didn’t want to let us down. He finally emerged into the lounge with some kind of tool and with one flamboyant thrust, sprung the lid off and spilled the polish all down his shirt and onto the carpet. He raced to get a cloth from the kitchen. I leapt in brandishing my polishing cloth and proceeded to spread the polish around the lounge floor. We beat a hasty retreat.

It took 5 minutes to sort out the car. I had a complete blinder. Aside from a chip in the paint about 3mm across (which could have been a stone chip) there was no evidence of any wrong doing.  Fair to say I was feeling pretty relieved.

I went to bed and spent the night dreaming about the car. As the night progressed I became more and more convinced that I only THOUGHT I’d done a good job of hiding it. I got up first thing this morning to inspect it. It was great! But I got the guilts. As Shaun was hopping into his car to head to work I ran outside and came clean. It went down very well.

Of course, I didn’t mention the panel work.


One thought on “A series of misadventures

  1. OMG – remember yesterday morning I told you I dreamed you reversed Matt’s car into something? It was a premonition (I was just confused about whose car). I hope tonight I dream that you win lotto.

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