Squealing like a girl

A very exciting thing happened yesterday. It wasn’t exactly a surprise, although it was supposed to be. One third of the Tight Three got engaged. For those of you who aren’t thoroughly versed in the intricacies of the life of The Hawk, the Tight Three are my two best girlfriends and me. So Ange getting engaged rates right up there on the excitement meter.

The reason that it wasn’t exactly a surprise was that she had asked me to cancel kickboxing yesterday in order to go to her place for a drink after work. Cancel training! What the hell? She was either pregnant, engaged or had a terminal illness. She was drinking in the weekend, so I knew it wasn’t the first. I was hoping like hell it wasn’t the last.

The third member of our team (the one that isn’t me or Ange but will be dying to be named here because she LOVES the spotlight but I’m deliberately not going to just to annoy her) and I are bridesmaids. We spent yesterday alternating between planning the wedding and berating each other for getting ahead of ourselves.

We bought bubbly and the plan was to hide it in the car and when Ange told us we were going to run out and get it. But no… the unnamed subject got overexcited and took the wine in when she arrived and then made up some strange story about the fact that she often gets french champagne from work. She then proceeded to show Ange every email we’d been sending back and forwards for the last two days. But we never were that good at keeping secrets from each other.

So then we did some squealing. Not being a natural squealer by nature, I found it strangely satisfying. Which was just as well because I couldn’t really help myself. So we squealed, then we drank bubbly, then we squealed some more. And drank some more. And drank. And drank.

Then this morning those other two bitches didn’t show up at training so I got reamed until I just about puked.


3 thoughts on “Squealing like a girl

  1. Its Me ! Its Me! Stop being mean and put me in you blog. On second thoughts I may start my own and write about everyone but you.

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