The day the sky broke.

Something’s happened to summer. It seems to be broken. I think it happened over night. After weeks of amazing weather, throughout which I have been dilligently watering my new gardens, the skies have now opened. And it’s not just sun showers. It’s full blown, flood the roads and make the day black kinda rain.

Real life gardeners would say “Well the gardens will love it”. Pretend gardeners like me are bloody pissed about it. We have friends from the States arriving in the country today. They are coming over tonight for dinner and we were supposed to be having a typical kiwi barbie (read bbq to the non-kiwis among you). Well that’s not going to happen. It’s going to be a real life watch-the-food-grill-in-the-oven evening. Oh well, the wine will still taste the same.

The annoying thing is that we have lots of people coming over tomorrow night for a bbq as well. I sure do know how to pick it!

The thing I especially hate about rain like this is the way it seems to affect Auckland drivers. It turns everyone into an idiot. Usually I try and stay off the roads as much as possible in the rain. Not today though. Yesterday I got my new handsfree kit installed in the car. I love it. I spent half an hour last night sitting out in the driveway yelling “CALL SHAUN” at it and watching it do its thing. Shaun got sick of it pretty quickly (he’d answer and I’d say “Oh, it’s just me again” and again and again and again). So today I’m going to be calling all sorts of people for no particular reason and I won’t have to take my eyes off the slippery roads. Perfect.

So anyway, I’m guessing this weather is going to be here for the weekend. On the plus side, it means that everyone that comes over will be forced to sit inside and admire my Christmas bird tree.


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