A friend emailed on Friday to suggest that we catch up for a drink before Christmas. I thought that was a great idea. I looked through my diary to find a night. And there weren’t any. No free nights between now and Christmas. Not even Sundays or Mondays. In fact, several nights have back to back functions. When did I let things get so out of control?! I still have a business to run! A stroke of luck meant that tonight’s work tennis tournament has been postponed, giving me a few hours to work my ass off.

I love love love how social this time of year is. I love love love all the parties and the bubbly and the tiny food. But I guess it has to be kept under control. I’m sure my nutritionist thinks so. If I want to drink every night I’m going to have to cut out eating all together. 😉

Being the super organised finely honed socialite that I am, I started planning December months ago. I thought that I’d want hundreds of people coming over to the house to see my beautiful Christmas tree. And I do, only I can’t be bothered with all the cooking and cleaning up that goes along with that. I may as well just give the supermarket a mainline into my bank account as well. I seem to have spent my years salary on champagne and raspberries already.

There is one party that I’m especially looking forward to. On the Saturday before Christmas one of my best friends is having a costume party. The theme is Christmas and Easter. I have no idea why. It was originally Christmas or any letter (like how people have ‘P’ parties) but somewhere along the line it changed to Easter. So I’m going as a chicken. I have found perhaps the best chicken costume on the face of the earth.

It’s going to be stinking hot in the fluffy suit, but I’ll suffer through it for the entertainment value.


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