It’s not a Christmas bush

This weekend was Christmas decorating weekend. One of my favourite weekends of the year! On Saturday morning we got up first thing and went to the tree farm. I asked for a HUGE tree. They said they only had one. WTF? a) It’s a Christmas Tree Farm, what’s with only having one huge tree? and b) I only asked for one anyway. Weirdos. So we got the one and it’s beautiful. It’s about 10 ft tall – the antithesis of the infamous Chrismas bush. I needed a serious ladder and spiderman-like agility to decorate it.

This year I decided to change tree decorating themes. I have gone for a bird theme and as predicted by Shaun, it wasn’t the most cunning of all my ideas considering we have two cats. As usual, I ignored Shaun and now I’m suffering for it. It’s not the cats (plural) that are the problem. It’s just the cat (singular). I’m not sure that Julio knows what a bird is. Chico on the other hand, knows exactly what a bird is. It’s something to haul around the house and maul until it looks like there has been a fluff and feather storm. I woke up on Saturday morning to the typical noises. Chico doing bad stuff. We got up to find him under the coffee table atop a pile of birds. The majority of them were newly mauled christmas tree birds. At the bottom was a real bird. I’m not sure which distressed me more.

I have sprayed the tree in pet repellant but apparently he is immune. So we have to keep a spray gun beside the tree in order to douse him in water upon his approach. He spent the weekend looking like a drowned rat. It seems to be working though. This morning I got up and he was sitting in an arm chair just watching the birds.

This weekend I also decorated the front of the house in fairy lights. I have created a complicated and highly dangerous network of wires going from the porch through a window to a well overloaded power point. It does look good though and that’s all that counts.

I had taken photos of the bird tree and the fairy lights but unfortunately, at some stage during my weekend of pre-Christmas revelling I lost the camera case containing the memory card reader so the photos are currently stuck on the camera.

I know you’re all holding your breath in anticipation.


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