I am feeling quietly pleased with myself at the moment. Well, not so quietly I suppose. The campaign that I’ve been working on for the last couple of months that I bitched and moaned about has been live for a couple of weeks now and it has surpassed our wildest dreams. It was supposed to go live several months ago, but it was one of those projects that just kept going wrong. The good thing about that is that it meant we tested it pretty damn thoroughly. The bad thing was that it made me pretty twisted.

Without giving away too many details (in order to avoid people Googling the project, which is now in the media; finding this blog where I bitch and moan and then complaining to my boss, meaning I lose my job and become even more bitter and twisted about it), the project is a colaboration of print and web stuff. Posters go out in the mail which drive people to my site, which collects data in order to print more stuff, which drives them back to the site, which invites them to a seminar.

Apparently the estimated uptake rate for any mailing campaign is around 5%. We hit that on the first morning. We’re now up to almost 30% – apparently unheard of.  Reminder postcards go out now to all those that haven’t responded, so I suppose we may pick up another percent or so.

Last week the campaign was in the newspaper. There was a picture of our poster. There was also a snide remark about the misspelling of someone’s name – unfortunate really, considering it was given to us by his PR person. Annoying, but the rest of the article was fantastic.

So I guess the blood noses were worth it. Things that could have gone terribly wrong just didn’t. I worked my ass off and now I’m going to lay back and bask in the praise. 

That’s probably enough showing off for one day.


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