Mo Bros

The month of November has become my third favourite month (after my birthday month of August, and Jesus’ birthday month of December) of the year. Of course, it’s no longer called November. From here on in, the 11th month of the year shall be referred to as Movember.

For those that aren’t in the know (it was SO tempting to write kmow), Movember is a clever venture to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research. I’m a huge fan of inventive ideas for fundraisers – I’m sick of daffodil day and red-nose day and poppy day and bandanna day and every other wear-something-stupid day that you can think of. Red nose day was good until everyone else copied it. The red sock month (for the America’s Cup campaign that we won and still cling to desperately as we haven’t won again since) was great. It took the wind out of the sails of the others, so to speak. (Whoa! Today seems to be shaping up as bad-pun day.)

Anyhow… as I wasn’t saying, Movember has caught on in a big way here at the office and I’m lovin’ it. Formally clean shaven, well presented men are walking around looking like idiots. They range in appearance from Don Juan to Hitler. There are the guys that struggle in the facial hair department and look like they just need a good wash. There are guys that look like they’re going to a costume party. There are guys that look like they’ve just awoken from a coma that they fell into during an acid party in the late 60’s.

There is one guy at my boxing gym that looks particularly hilarious. He asked me the other day if he looks hot. Yeah, sure. He looks like the hottest paedophile on the block.

I have tried to talk Shaun into growing a mo. As a general rule I’m not a fan of facial hair, but I want an excuse to laugh at him openly and unashamedly for a month. He won’t. He says that it’s not appropriate for a salesman. Is he kidding? Didn’t they INVENT the moustache?

The one thing I don’t like about Movember is that it brings to light the fact that there really is one thing that boys can do that girls can’t. Well, most girls, that is.

There’s a woman that lives down our street that’s giving it a damn good nudge.


2 thoughts on “Mo Bros

  1. Wow I’m totally confused. So you call a moustache a “mo” ?

    I read this whole blog not having the faintest ideas what you are talking about. 😀

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