It could be worse.

I was talking to an acquaintance last night who has been suffering from a serious illness for years now. It is slowly killing her. She has good days and bad days – both physically and emotionally. Generally, she stays upbeat and focusses on enjoying the good things in her life, even as the pain and the drugs make that harder and harder. I have always respected her for the way she smiles in the face of her pain.

Over the last few months I have become aware that she has taken a special interest in my quest to become pregnant. I know that in the past she has done the same treatment but to no avail. She now has step children that she loves as her own. Last night I ran into her and asked how she was. With her usual grace she told me that she’d had a tough start to the week. She had a miscarriage over the weekend. That explains her special interest in my situation. She hadn’t told anyone that she was pregnant. I sensed that she wanted to share it with someone but wasn’t sure that I was the appropriate person, given my own circumstances.

I sympathised with her – but no way near as much as I did when I heard how it went down. After leaving the hospital (the pregancy was several months advanced) she was walking down the street (what’s that about??) when somebody attempted to abduct her. He tried to force her into his car. Being the quick thinking woman that she is, she immediately texted his number plate and description to a friend, and then called the cops. They picked her up and arrested him an hour later.

I figured she would have been pretty keen to get home to her family after that. No luck there however. Her marriage broke up last week. She could hardly even tell me the story because she now has laryngitis as a result of all the stress.

But you know what? She’s still smiling.


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