Changing seasons

Summer’s here and holy-mother-of-god not before time. This year it would seem that the winter blues were lying dormant somewhere deep within me, so that whilst I wasn’t consciously aware that they were there, as soon as I shook them off I felt exhausted.

This weekend was one of sunshine and blue skies. I spent as much of it outdoors as possible and I loved every second. We went for a couple of walks in the park, can you believe? It is part of my new mixing-low-and-high-impact-exercise-together regime. Shaun came with me to ensure that I didn’t bolt into a run. For the first half hour I scoffed at the whole concept, but after that I settled into it and actually took time out to enjoy the scenery. We Aucklanders and so spoiled with our parks. I live on the back doorstep of One Tree Hill domain – 200 acres of greenery. It doesn’t get much better.

Saturday night was entertaining. I had a few wines in the sun with friends in the afternoon, and after several months of squeaky clean living, that was all it took to do me in. I was asleep on the couch by 8pm and in bed by half past. I even had an unprecedented sleep in on Sunday morning – until 7am!

After the second of the weekend walks, yesterday was spent alternating between my lounger on the deck and the outdoor beanbag on the lawn. I finished both weekend newspapers, a book and half a bottle of sunscreen.

Life is beautiful.


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