Not-at-all-small man’s syndrome

There is this guy in my team at work that everyone finds particularly irritating (and that’s an understatement). I know that underneath all the layers of irritating and antagonising crap is actually a well meaning heart, but boy is it well hidden.

I’m not sure what happened in his past that has made him how he is, but it must have been something big. Like a lifetime of bullying or something. He is one of those guys that says no for the sake of saying no. He butts into other people’s conversations in order to debate their point. He screams like a hyena at things that aren’t even remotely funny, and he has to screw everything he believes he is entitled to out of life, at whatever cost. He searches the government websites to find out if there are loopholes that will allow him to claim money for things that no one else has ever heard of. He seems to spend half the day berating people over the phone for things that just. aren’t. important.

To make things worse (for everyone around him), he has the world’s most annoying voice. It is high pitched and he pronounces words in made up ways and comes up with sayings  that I couldn’t dream up even after having stuck 10 trips of acid under my eyelids.

To contribute to all this annoyingness, the guy has adult onset diabetes  as a result of his obesity, yet he makes a point of maintaining the worst diet possible. He had to leave work once after bingeing on cake because he thought he was going to go into a diabetic coma. Now usually that would invoke huge sympathy in me – what an awful thing to have to deal with – but the fact that I have spent more hours than I care to think about listening to him manipulate people into paying for his treatment using my tax money, and then comes to work and skites about how he is disregarding all the free medical advice he gets, tends to suck the sympathy right out of me.

Now, I realise that this post could sound like I’ve just been smacked repeatedly with the bitch stick, but it’s kinda provoked. This morning we had a team breakfast. One guy didn’t come because he has been driven mad to the point of distraction by Mr Annoying. That in itself is bad enough, but he’s the second guy it’s happened to! Another guy won’t even walk past his desk any more for fear of snapping and killing the guy when (because there’s no if about it) he opens his mouth to contribute some unwanted fact.

It stuns me that an adult could create such childish conflict and take apparent pleasure from it, and it irritates me that our team is no longer a team thanks to the actions of one person.

So I guess that’s it. I’ve off-loaded. Now I’ll do something productive.


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