Whoa. This morning I REALLY didn’t want to get out of bed. I had one of those mornings where I couldn’t believe that the alarm clock could be telling the truth as it crowed like a rooster and announced the time in it’s irritating American robotic voice. I used to love American accents, but that alarm clock is doing a great job of changing that.

I briefly entertained the idea of calling in sick, but I remembered that the mailers for the dreaded project that I’ve been working on went out on Friday and I still have a couple of last minute changes to make to the site that can’t wait until tomorrow. So I hauled myself up and dragged myself around the house for a while, making a token effort at my morning tasks.

The weather is crappy. Even the world is pissed that it’s Monday. The cats were looking fluffier than usual this morning. I considered hopping into their cat bed with them.

Truth be told, if I think about what’s bugging me the most, it’s the fact that I ate like a demon all weekend so today I’m feeling eater’s remorse. Probably not a bad thing – it’s the only thing that’s going to get me to training at lunchtime! On the downside, I have to see the nutritionist tomorrow and she’s not known for softening the blow.

But enough moaning. I have just inhaled my second coffee of the day and things are looking up.

Well, my metabolism is, at least.


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