Friday and helicopters

Today it’s Friday and I’m more pleased about that than usual. My weeks are going surprisingly fast at the moment. What a ridiculous thing to say. They always take the same amount of time. But at the moment they SEEM faster. We’re on the run up to Christmas and summer has started. This morning I’m full of the joys of life.

I am especially excited about  the new toy that I’m getting. Fighting helicopters! Two remote control helicopters that shoot lasers. When one gets hit it loses power for 10 seconds and falls from the sky. It doesn’t get much cooler than that! Imagine how much fun they are going to be when we’re sitting on our deck and the old people at the bowling club over the back fence are having a tournament! Or when the neighbours are having a wine out on their verandah. Or when Chico is bringing bird’s bread home. Just think of all the games I can play. I’m going to dress in camo and hide in the big tree in the back yard. Then I’ll stalk people walking down the street with my helicopters.

Who ever invented fighting helicopters gets a gold star from me.

So after a week of hard work and late nights, I’m looking forward to the weekend. It has been a week of beautiful weather, so no doubt we’ll be looking at rain for the next two days. That’s just how it is. But that’s all good.

Oh shit. Something just occurred to me. I hope the helicopters are waterproof!


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