Back off bitch

A couple of months back I formed an instant dislike to someone on our very first meeting. She is a woman that tries to intimidate everyone that she comes into contact with. When I first met her I knew that it wasn’t going to be plain sailing. She is one of those middle aged women that wear clothes that should only be seen on a 20 year old. She has glasses with frames so bright that it hurts your eyes to look at them. And she has an attitude that’s worse than all of those things put together.

She is working for a client of mine. I don’t know what her job description is, but she seems to think that it’s commander of the universe. She speaks for the client. I suspect she probably eats and breathes for her as well. I can’t communicate with the client unless it’s on speaker phone so that the bitch can loudly talk over the client. It is doing my head in.

Everything that comes out of her mouth sounds confrontational. If she is questioning something that I’ve done, rather than asking me to explain, she asks me to justify myself. Huh? I wonder if she’ll ask me to justify the kick in the face that she’s about to get.

I designed a site for these people some months ago. We got to a stage where they were happy but were waiting on some final content before go live. They got that content in the form of a brochure on Monday. They sent it through and told (not asked, told) me to redesign the site to match the brochure. I said it’d take a week. They asked me to justify myself. I said I had other priorities. Once the bitch realised that I wasn’t going to respond to her bullying, she got the client to come begging.

Things got worse this morning when they rang with some final changes before go live. I asked when go live was. They said half an hour. I laughed. They didn’t.  I felt myself starting to get incredibly angry. I told them I couldn’t guarantee that the work would be done today. And then I did it. You are probably wondering why the hell I am so nice to people like this. Sometimes I wonder. But to be honest, I didn’t do the work to help them out. I did it because until it was done I would stress about it.

And I want the bitch off my back.

3 thoughts on “Back off bitch

  1. Well, I wish I had a solution for this kind of situations… but I don’t.

    I would probably charge them more next time to compensate for the “lady’s” attitude. But then again, I’m not the type of guy that gets upset or bothered too much about this kind of people. I actually tend to look down on them…

    Great reading, by the way!

  2. OK, so, we ALL know “this” bitch. Given enough time, we all encounter this same character, its just not always this same exact bitch. And, in fairness, that character is not always a female bitch.

    But, I have to say, this:

    “I wonder if she’ll ask me to justify the kick in the face that she’s about to get.”

    …made my day.


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