Not cool.

When we moved house a few months back we used a moving company. After doing the job ourselves a couple of times in the past and almost breaking up over it, we have sworn never to do it again. You pay people to do things like that. It’s just safer all round.

We used a company that was recommended by a couple of friends that used them a couple of weeks earlier. It was just two guys and a truck, but they showed up when they said they would and got the job done efficiently. That’s all we needed. Unfortunately, their price was astronomical because we needed to move on a Sunday.

Moving day rolled around and so did the middle of winter. About 10 minutes into the move, the sky started falling. I don’t know that I’ve seen rain much heavier in my lifetime. They perservered, but it made things pretty slippery. As a result, our fridge somehow got dropped. It is only a couple of years old and is one of those iridium brushed stainless steel ones. Call me house-proud, but I wasn’t particularly stoked about the huge dent in the middle of the door. The chief mover guy told us not to worry, we’d sort it out at the end.

So… at the end, he gives us a form and tells us we have two options. The first ‘option’ is to do nothing. Yeah, see I wasn’t good with that. The second ‘option’ was to tick a box saying we wanted insurance, pay $100 and call their office the next day to lodge a claim. I was a bit pissed, but it seemed that we had no other feasible ‘options’, so we ticked the box and paid the cash.

The next day we called the office and were effectively told to bugger off. According to the owner of the company, we hadn’t committed to insurance before the job. That’s true – it was never mentioned. We didn’t know it was an option. We had been told what to do by the driver and he had taken our money. We laid out our case to the owner (hereon referred to as the bastard) and he got extremely angry and said that he would have to pay for it himself and deal with it internally. We were fine with that. He told us to get the work done and then let him know.

Whatever! We asked him to put that in writing. He said he would. We didn’t hear from him again. He seemed to be mysteriously sick every time we called. I can see why he needs to steal from people – he’s obviously very ill. He hasn’t been at work for most of the last two months. Apparently.

We have written to him. We have called. We have set our lawyers on him. They got through and he was unbelievably rude. He finally agreed (again) that he would pay. The lawyers didn’t fall for that. They sent him a memo saying he’d pay and that we were to forward the invoice straight to him. All he had to do was sign it. He didn’t. Then he apparently got sick again.

Unfortunately for him, I come from a family of lawyers and we are persistant. There is no way I’m letting the bastard get away with it. The damage only comes to about $500, but on top of that he has taken extra cash from us as a premium.  It’s sounding like a scam that he pulls on lots of people.

So now we’re taking him to the Disputes Tribunal. I’m getting my money off that bastard and then I’m turning him in to the police.

See how he deals with THAT internally.

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