This weekend just gone marked the break in the long weekend drought for us.  Long weekends (I believe they are known as bank holidays in other countries) are ridiculously planned in this country. There is a glut of them in January, when everyone has just started back at work after their summer holiday and doesn’t really need them. They carry on sporadically through until late June, where they stop all the way through until now. What seems even more ridiculous is that some of them (Queen’s Birthday for example) are on some arbitrarily selected date anyway. Why not put it in the middle of winter when everyone desperately needs an extra day? Ooooh no. That would be sensible.

Anyway, enough of the moaning. The fast is over. It’s holiday season. Yesterday was Labour Day. It was supposedly invented to celebrate the fact that none of us have to work more than 40 hours a week. What a joke! I do 40 hours in my first job alone! But still, that’s my choice.

I spent part of the weekend down in Tauranga hanging out with Mary. It was fantastic. We ate icecream and burgers and went to a movie. The most amazing thing though, was the fact that we both slept for 11 hours. That’s unheard of among Hawk women that aren’t under anaesthesia or haven’t just returned from a 3 day bender.

I spent half of Sunday and all of yesterday lounging around the house. It was a shitty, windy weekend so yard work was out of the question. With the exception of a quick excursion to the gym, I spent most of the time on the couch. I watched part of 4 movies. None of them really captured my attention for longer than half an hour. The only one I watched through to the end was entertaining for an unusual reason. It was Bridge to Terabithia – a kid’s film that was average. The reason it cracked me up so much was that it is an American film shot here in NZ. The scenery is all very kiwi, set largely in our native bush. They would cut to these shots of squirrels on occasion, which was interesting considering we don’t have squirrels here. I guess they wanted to Americanise it.

Anyway, I’ve just realised that I’ve written almost 400 words about absolutely nothing of value, so that’ll be it for today.

As you were.

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