Well dressed dogs

I have this thing about animal clothes. There is something inherently cruel about putting clothes on animals and then laughing at them, but holy hell is it hilarious. I’m not sure how people come up with some of the animal outfits you can get, or why they would want to, for that matter, but boy is it brilliant.

It is well known that I’m not a dog person. I’m not going to start in on that. I would concede to getting a dog if it was small enough to wear outfits though. (And if it didn’t smell, so realistically it’s never going to happen.) I’ve actually considered putting them on the cats, but Shaun has vetoed it. We used to live with my best friend a few years back. He has a cat called Sid that used to show off at parties. It was my plan to secretly dress him up one day while we were all just sitting around watching TV and then when he came out I was going to say “Hey Sid, there’s no need to dress up on our account.” It was one of those plans which never actually came to fruition though.

I have friends that have two dogs. They both have long coats so are not the perfect kind of dressing up dog, but they suffice. Their dogs have lots of outfits. They also have matching bling. I wouldn’t be doing that to my dress up dog. It’d only be wearing little hoodies and things. I wouldn’t want it getting laughed at. Anyway, last night we were around at the house of the friends with two dogs and one of them (the dogs, not the people) came out in a bikini.

What the hell was it thinking? It’s not summer yet.


6 thoughts on “Well dressed dogs

  1. Your posts make much more sense when I read them in the morning.

    I had to work out that you were dressing up the dog called Sid and not the owner (who wasn’t called Sid) and that your friend’s dogs had long coats, not your friends.

    A real dog doesn’t wear clothes (or do lunch).

  2. hahahaha @ bikini. Christ now that’s just weird.

    We have a big black lab and they don’t really make clothes his size. We’ve looked – basically just to put him in something and laugh at him. (if you look up “big dumb dog” in the dictionary, i’m fairly certain that my dog’s picture accompanies the definition).
    But we finally found a red hoodie that was his size and he looks fabulous in it. And he has a scarf.
    We got plenty of laughs out of it.

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