Some crazy, crazy things are happening here and it’s not even a full moon. (Not that I’m one of those people that thinks things go weird when there are full moons, or the wind comes from a certain direction, or whatever…)

I first became aware of the weirdness last night while I was watching the news. Apparently there is some sort of terrorism organisation that has set up camp in the middle of the country. That may not seem strange in some countries, but it most certainly is here. People were arrested after police raids yesterday which uncovered paramilitary gear, including weaponry. I thought it was some sort of April Fools Joke which took a while to execute. But no. It’s true. Apparently they set off a napalm bomb in the middle of the Urewera ranges. Holy hell. That scares the bejeezus out of me (what the hell is bejeezus anyway?). On a slightly more entertaining note, they claim to be peace activists. Someone ought to tell them that they have their wires crossed.

I wish I could say that the weirdness stopped there, but no. I was driving back from Youthline later last night to discover that the council have installed traffic lights at the end of my motorway off ramp. What the hell? That’s outrageous! Not only has there never been any kind of traffic congestion there in the 15 years that I’ve been driving that route, but now the traffic is going to queue up down the ramp, conceivably causing all sorts of strife! And it doesn’t stop there either. Oooooh no. There is another set of lights just around the corner! Don’t they realise they are going to add at least 30 seconds to my trip home?

Whilst I was on that fateful drive, I got a text from a friend saying that she had just had her baby. It’s not due for a month, but was born healthy, which is wonderful. The reason I mention it is because she just finished work on Friday and was looking forward to 4 or 5 weeks of relaxation before her life changed forever. Bummer. I raised the idea with Shaun on the weekend. Needless to say, he wasn’t quite as excited about it as I was. He tried to negotiate me down to 4 weeks but I wouldn’t have a bar of it. It’s set in stone. I’ll just have to keep my legs crossed so it doesn’t come early.

I guess I should uncross them for a while first or there’s not going to be a baby to keep in.


8 thoughts on “Weirdness

  1. Not sure if it was at all related but we had two army tanks complete with proper army people outside work on Princes St yesterday afternoon.

    Very strange.

  2. I’m suspecting the MAY have been the same two tanks that Sarah saw. 😛

    Mike – I was reading the text at the pesky lights. I never use my phone while driving unless it’s on speaker.

  3. That is kinda creepy and worrying (the terrorist thing). We’re use to fearing terrorists over here, and we have our fair share of hate groups, etc, and probably terrorist cells all over the place that we’re unaware of; but having a huge conglomerate uncovered like that is pretty scary.
    But good thing it’s under control now, better than the alternative of finding out too late.

    We have stop lights at the end of almost all our ramps onto the freeways/highways too. Yep, always backs up traffic onto the regular streets. SO annoying.
    I stay out of Chicago as much as possible. Traffic is ridiculous.

    Those are my thoughts 🙂 I managed to ramble on and basically contribute nothing of importance.

    Carry on.

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