Racing hearts.

Yesterday I moved into the next stage of this preparing for pregnancy business. I’ve done the detoxing, I’m living the clean life, I’m eating a perfectly balanced diet, now all that’s left is cutting back my committments and sorting out my exercise.

So I’m working on the exercise. The nutritionist has suggested that I need to cut back on both the frequency and intensity of my workouts. During pregnancy you should apparently exercise so that your heartrate doesn’t exceed 140 bpm. What. The. Hell? That’s not exercise! I might as well take up golf!

So I got myself a heart rate monitor. I sought solace in the fact that my resting HR is 45. I figured that meant I should have a bigger buffer zone than the average person. With great trepidation I wore it to Step yesterday.  It has a little beeping alarm that goes off if I exceed the limit. That went off during the warmup. Great. Not a good start. By the end of the first cardio track my HR was up over 180. It’s fair to say that I tend to exercise pretty well up in the fitness zone. None of this fat burning zone rubbish for me.

So I backed things off a bit. Well, more than a bit actually. There was no jumping, no swinging arms and no leaving the ground. It was more like walking on the spot really. Every time the music cranked up I’d get excited and do a couple of leaps, and that bastard of an alarm would go off. The incessant beeping from the middle of the room was clearly starting to bug some people. I was one of them.

The thing that was freaking me out the most was what was going to happen at boxing. Obviously sparring is out, as is kickboxing, but I was hoping that technique and bagwork might be ok. And I was right. Oh glory day! It was a miracle. Provided I did squats instead of squat jumps, and punched like a normal person, rather than someone possessed by a demon, I was able to keep my heart within the dreaded 120-140. All is not lost.

From what I read (and I’ve been doing a lot), exercise when pregant is hugely beneficial for both mother and baby. I guess it’s just a case of rediscovering your limits. I’ve even decided to take up a yoga class.

What the hell are these hormones doing to me?


2 thoughts on “Racing hearts.

  1. Thanks Jillian. It makes sense really. My understanding is that while strenuous exercise is very risky, light to moderate exercise is actually incredibly beneficial. The baby actually shares your endorphins! ‘Moderate’ exercise is in the 120-140 bpm zone, which is what I’m aiming for.

    I suspect that when I actually AM pregnant, I won’t have the energy to work harder than that anyway! I’m probably making this into a much bigger deal in my own head than it is.

    I appreciate the link.

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