Off, off and away

Yesterday actually turned out to be more of a C-day. As is usually the case around here, d-day was pushed out. We agreed in our morning debrief that 1pm was the deadline that we were aiming for. I was sceptical… As it turns out, I had my stuff ready to roll by then. Go-live was being held up by the other guy, who had some imagery to create for me. I went out to lunch. When I got back the site was broken. Forgive me for not being particularly surprised.

The ridiculous thing was that the posters (which launch the campaign) had been distributed to the pilot group. They were all trying to hit the site and then ringing to tell me that it wasn’t working. That probably should have been checked before sending out the posters. At least, that’s what I would have done. But I should know by now that the sensible thing is usually too much to expect!

Anyway, I fixed it and we were good to go again. During a demo to the project manager, he apparently noticed a small change that he wanted made to the print side of the campaign. The print guy rang me at 4:20 to say that he was just going to quickly change it. I warned him that I didn’t think that was a good idea as I had to leave for training in 10 minutes and he is notorious for breaking things at the last minute. And he did. And I left.

I came in this morning and it was still down. I fixed it again. (Are you noticing a pattern here?) The pilot has now been running for an hour. So far I’ve had back 2 feedback reports, both for very simple changes. I’ve done them. We’re still live.

I feel like I’ve been carting around 100 kilos on my shoulders and someone has just taken it off me. I’m thinking of going down to the bathroom where no one can see me and doing a dance.

What the hell. I’ll do it on my desk. I’ve earned it.


4 thoughts on “Off, off and away

  1. Dear Aunty Sarah

    Sorry but I was wrong when you asked me about the World Cup ( I really thought that The All Blacks would win!

    Daddy would like to take this opportunity to sympathise with you as he can imagine how you must feel (Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé)! But he did say that France were looking good. Mummy still thinks that Jonny will win.

    We are very happy here as we would rather play France than you but you must be feeling very bad right now.

    Hope you can enjoy what’s left of your weekend.


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