I LOVE stuff

The government has done a very clever thing. They have extended summer by a whole month this year and I LOVE them for it. This year, daylight savings is starting two weeks earlier and ending two weeks later. It starts this weekend and I. can’t. wait.

I LOVE daylight savings. I LOVE summer. I LOVE being able to go home from work and sit in the sun for a while and then eat dinner on the deck. It feels like you actually get a life outside of the office. I might even do some gardening now that I have a garden.

So I woke up today and it was freezing. I was stoked! That’s usually a sign of a cloudless day. And I was right. Now the sun is shining, the birds would be singing if there were birds in the office, and all is right in my world. I’m spending the weekend in the country with my family doing nothing but relaxing, eating (according to my wheat and sugar free regime of course) and drinking (water and decaf). See, even that can’t get me down today! I have some alcohol-removed wine so that I can skull it by the bottle and trick my deprived body into thinking it’s just like the old days.

So that’s it for now. I have some work to power through while I’m on such a roll.

Over and out.


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