Today I am sitting at my desk with a mountain of work in front of me, struggling to keep my eyes open. I feel like someone stuck a needle into my vein and mainlined out all of my energy. I guess it would be fair to say that it’s time I slowed down and just started saying no.

I’m not sure whether this complete exhaustion is the result of the just trying to fit way to much into my life at the moment or the significant number of glasses of bubbly that I drank last night. It’s NZ Fashion Week and I was invited to one of the shows. It was fantastic! I enjoyed my last night of freedom before getting back on the wagon for the next round of hormones. I broke my diet and got drunk, so I guess I effectively poisoned myself.

This morning at training I was doing something that was certainly interesting, but could not be called boxing. It was more sort of flailing. For the first time since I started the sport, I was counting down the minutes until I could get out of there. I just had nothing left to give. Unfortunately my lack of concentration has ended up in disaster. I hurt my wrist. Not seriously, but badly enough that I’ve had to get it strapped and I’ll be giving the gym a wide berth until Monday.

So I have people coming over for dinner tonight and then I’m working all weekend. I have a million chores to do, a coffee date, a lunch date and a game of indoor football. In my down time I’m going to strategise. I need to think about slowing down a bit. Something has to give and I’d rather it wasn’t my sanity.


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