There’s nothing hot about it

I have known for several years now that when it comes to making decisions about things in the house, I should make them myself. Shaun always has the best of intentions, but he just can’t visualise things. Without fail, he seems to make the ‘interesting’ choice.

Yesterday was one of those occasions.

When we moved in, our house needed very little done to it. Heating was really the only issue. It is a pretty warm house, but there are tiled floors in the main living space which get a bit cold during winter. The last owners had portable oil heaters. They did the job but they were ugly as sin. I prefer to avoid ugly if at all possible.

So I decided on wall mounted gas heaters. There is a type called a ‘cozy panel’ , which is a narrow panel that is mounted on the wall and flued in (to stop the release of moisture into the air when the gas burns). I was keen on getting a couple of those stuck up in inconspicuous places. I talked to Shaun about it and he got a heating guy to come around and discuss it while I was at work. He told me that the guy advised him that cozy panels won’t be efficient in a house as large as ours. What we need is a couple of energy saver heaters. I asked what they were.

The description I got from Shaun was that energy savers were slightly larger than cozy panels, but effectively the same thing. The main difference was that they have a fan in them to distribute the heat more efficiently. Sounded perfect. We could even get them in white for the white room and titanium for the dark room. I was sold. It was an expensive sell however. $5k. Ouch. Still – it was a good long term solution that would be energy efficient.

So I got home last night and the guys were still there. The first thing I noticed was the white heater in the dark room. Hmmmmmm. Apparently there was some confusion and the type of heater that comes in titanium was a floor heater, not wall mounted. Bugger. Still, it looks fine.

What doesn’t look fine however, is the contraption the size of a small cow that is standing in the corner of my dining room. Holy mother of god! It’s large enough to partially eclipse the sun! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Slightly larger than a cozy panel? Slightly larger than 10 taped together, perhaps. I was too scared to turn the thing on in case it blew my legs off.

So another valuable lesson learned. I have to sign off on all house purchases from now on.


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