Going straight

I am trying to grow my hair. At least, I think I am. There are days when I wonder why and briefly consider hacking it all off with a butter knife. But I kinda just feel like it’s time for a change. I had it all cut off when I got my epilepsy diagnosis. I have now been seizure free for 3 years, so it’s time to move on.

It appears that I didn’t really think this through very well. I hate wearing caps, which means I have to tolerate wet hair whipping me in the eyes for an hour a day while I train. It’s not long enough to tie up yet. My trainer hates it because it flicks my sweat in his mouth (which I find hugely entertaining). I’ve noticed that people are giving me a wide berth in Step class as well, especially during the more energetic tracks!

My hairdresser yesterday talked me into getting straightening irons. In a moment of weakness I agreed. He made them look so easy to use and my hair looks so shiny afterwards. He has been on at me for years to get a hairdryer. I used to have this tiny little one that I stole from a hotel, but I gave it to my sister one time when she was staying and needed it for the gym or something. That was years ago and I haven’t missed it. I just never used it. I’ve always been a run-product-through-your-hair-with-your-fingers-when-it’s-wet and go kinda girl.

I told him I didn’t have time for straightening. He told me it would take 5 minutes. They dry your hair at the same time. Yeah. 5 minutes for some kind of straightening expert. I fought with those bloody things for half an hour this morning. I got steam burns on my neck, actual burns all over my hands and I wouldn’t be surprised if all my hair falls out before lunch time. And of all the cruel jokes, my hair isn’t even straight. The same curl that has been there since the beginning of time is still slowly but surely showing itself.

Oh well. That hairdresser will get his come-uppance when I show up there next time with no hair.


One thought on “Going straight

  1. Hahaha, sorry to hear about your problems with getting straight hair.

    My mom has some straightening done to her hair every so often that is supposed to last for quite a while – she gets it done once every few months or so. You might look into that perhaps.

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