Toilet humour

More specifically work toilet humour. And some of it’s not all that humourous. Take the bathrooms at Shaun’s work, for example. Apparently they start off fine in the morning, just like any other toilet, but by the end of the day it looks like someone has been bathing in there in their own waste.  According to Shaun, sometimes there’s crap half way up the walls. How the hell do people do that? Especially considering they are wearing suits! So he goes home to use the bathroom. I used to think that was ridiculous until I heard why.

I’m guessing that is a man thing. The bathrooms at my work are fine. They finish the day pretty much as they start it. But apparently the Facilities Manager here at the office (who happens to be a man) doesn’t realise that. Signs have started going up on the mirrors and doors saying things like “Ladies, please remember to wash your hands before leaving the bathroom. This is a hygiene issue.” Right. Thanks for that buddy. I would assume that most of the adults that work here either are or are not in the habit of washing their hands, and your sign ain’t gonna change that.

It would seem that his crusade for hygeine has gone considerably further than just signs. There are new wall mounted toilet seat cleaner dispensers now.  I like the idea in theory. It is the execution that I am struggling with. There are three in each bathroom and they are mounted right beside each soap dispenser. They look very similar. I am starting to get sick of spraying caustic toilet seat cleaner all over my hands.

Another sign of interest is the one that has been in the end cubicle of the upstairs bathrooms for about 6 months now saying “WARNING! Broken seat!” It seems to get reprinted and relaminated approximately once a month. Surely it would take less effort to just buy a new bloody seat!

But by far the most entertaining of all the signs are the ones that have gone up on the inside doors of all of the cubicles.

Toilet humour


6 thoughts on “Toilet humour

  1. I once worked in the housekeeping department of a well known hotel. Part of what had to be done was cleaning the public and staff toilets and I’ve seen crap half way up the walls. That was in a ladies toilet so it’s not just men with explosive bums 🙂

  2. I’ve seen many men leave the toilets at work and not wash their hands, it really gosses me out.. just hope I don’t have to explain to them infront of others why I won’t shake their hand..

  3. I don’t know which is more worrying.. the fact that they need such as sign.. or the fact that they “know” they need such a sign. Does your work have cameras above the cubicles ?

  4. That (standing/squating -on the seat) is a common practice in some east asian countries. Particularly for women, where public toilets are literally holes in the ground. They have basic sewarage functions like a flush, and some tiles, but no basin as we know it. It’s their conditioning I suppose. Do you have many Asian visitors in NZ?

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