More than warmed.

Well, the house has been officially warmed. Actually, more like just about razed to the ground. I was surprised that the neighbours didn’t do it actually. Around the 6am mark when the stereo on the deck had been going non-stop for 15 hours. It wasn’t actually the music that was probably the most annoying bit. That would have been the shouting. I can’t even remember what the shouting was for, but there seemed to be a lot of it.

It was a great night. The weather was crap so we spent the majority of it under the sun umbrella on the deck, sitting on towels, but that didn’t dampen the spirit at all. Shaun and I had spent all day Saturday doing the final stuff to the house so that it was all organised. Pictures hung, towel rails mounted etc. Come Sunday afternoon, we had quite a lot of reorganising to do…

The house performed well under pressure. The back living space is tiled so there was no carpet destruction. There are two bathrooms so there was no queuing. The only disaster (which made up for itself in entertainment value) was one of the timber chairs that I bought secondhand and lovingly restored. Shaun was sitting on it on second, and the next he was lying on the deck with a pile of chair under him. It completely snapped in half. Gutted, but highly entertained.

Things got a bit rough when the last person left the party 1.5 hours before I was due to get up to go to a christening down the country. I managed it, but as a result  I had a bit of trouble controlling my blaspheming in the church. Everything that came out of my mouth seemed to involve god or jesus or hell, and that didn’t include the prayers. Still, you make your bed and you lie in it…

So, the party is over, we have made our mark on the neighbourhood and I have had my last big party for a while.

Things can get back on an even keel.


2 thoughts on “More than warmed.

  1. You had your outdoor speakers going till 6 am ?? Well your neighbors that came to the party probably like you but I’ll bet the ones that didn’t don’t. 😉 :p

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