Cats and humming

While the cats were away I realised something that is not all together normal. I sing to them. Sometimes it’s just random songs that I make up on the spot and other times it is longstanding favourites that were made up some time ago. The reason that I noticed this while they were away was because I would go to sing something and because they weren’t there, singing one of my repetoire of cat songs made no sense. So I’d just hum.

I have always been aware of the fact that I hum to myself a lot, especially when I’m happy. I just hadn’t realised quite how much. Occasionally people comment on it, like when I forget that I’m at work and do it. No particular song, just something random.

Upon giving more thought to the cat singing phenomena, I have realised the it is inherited. Dad does it. In fact one of my earliest childhood memories is dad singing a song entitled “Some Cats Like To Purr” to the cat while he was dishing up its food. Both my siblings do it. My brother in law does it. Shaun is holding off, but I’ll break him.

Speaking of the cats, their transition into the new house has been interesting. We waited until we had been there a couple of days before bringing them home. I picked them up on my way home from work on Tuesday and it was pretty funny.

For half an hour they sniffed around the place, found their food and bed and toys, checked out all the rooms and had a general look around. Then Chico started running up and down the hall like a mad thing, skidding all over the show and being a general pain in the ass, while Julio wandered around the house aimlessly miaowing and the top of his lungs. It was funny for a couple of minutes. By about 8pm it was no longer funny. The miaowing got louder and louder and more ridulous.

He stopped at about 9pm which was great. For a while. Then at 2:30am he started up again, right outside our door. It went on for about an hour. He stopped and I went back to sleep just in time for him to start up again. The same thing has happened every night since, at random hours. The resultant sleep deprivation has meant that I am starting to find it hilarious. In fact, I’m finding pretty much everything hilarious.

It’s going to make for a great party tomorrow night!


4 thoughts on “Cats and humming

  1. I wish I had a cat too. We’re not allowed to have pets in this house we’re renting. 😦

    I hum to myself too, though, especially when I’m really happy, and oddly also sometimes when I’m embarrassed. I’ve not sung to pets yet.

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