Home sweet home

Holy hell. I’m home. Talk about coming back down with a bang! We landed back in the country at lunchtime on Saturday and within 24 hours we had moved our entire house! But more on that another day… Today I’m still revelling in my holiday.

Hotel from the boat in Moorea Lagoon in Moorea View from deck in Papeete

Off our deck at night in Moorea Off our deck in Moorea Sunset in Moorea

Sunset in Papeete Cocktail on our deck in Moorea 

Tahiti is heaven on earth. Be warned though, heaven is expensive. Ridiculously so. It cost NZ$15 for a pack of potato chips. I think perhaps they were made of gold. Needless to say, there weren’t a lot of chips eaten.

We spent the first 4 days on the island of Moorea. The resort was built around a dolphin lagoon. There were tame dolphins that would spend their time cruising round doing tricks. For just $700 you could touch them. I adopted the look-but-don’t-touch policy. I’m known for throwing around money, but $700 to touch a swimming animal? Hell no.

I was happy spending all my time lounging around in the sun. Thankfully they haven’t figured out how to charge you for that yet. It also meant that I was able to optimise my alcohol budget.

After Moorea we did the 7 minute flight back to Tahiti for a couple of days. You fasten your seatbelts for take-off, they do the safety brief and then you refasten them for landing. We spent the entire flight wondering whether the plane was air-worthy. (The flight is only long enough to fit in the one thought.) Sadly, the very next day a plane doing the same flight crashed and there were no survivors. It made me realise just how precious life is.

The last two days were spent in Papeete doing exactly the same thing that I did in Moorea. Lie in the sun all day drinking cocktails. We did discover a fun game to play in the evenings. There was this tree growing up the side of our room at the hotel. At night about a million of the tiniest birds that I have ever seen all went and hung out in it. They were about the size of a large cricket. If we touched the tree they would all fly out into the neighbouring tree for about a minute and then fly back. We had them flying back and fowards for hours. If life after death exists I hope I don’t come back as a tiny bird. That would just be my luck. The relatives of those Tahitian ones will peck me to death on day one.

There was no rain during our entire stay and the temperature averaged around 28 degrees. It really doesn’t get much better.

But that’s well over now. I’m back to my usual old paradise on earth.


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