Hard is easy.

They say that moving house is one of the top three most stressful things you can do in your life. I can’t remember what the other two are, but I have to say that either we are very lucky or ‘they’ haven’t dealt with much real stress in their lives.

When it comes to buying houses we seem to have gotten an easy ride. The first one was virtually hassle free. We talked it up and people told us to just wait until we are trying to buy and sell at the same time, then we’d be eating our words. Well, apparently not… these words seem to be very much uneaten.

We looked casually for a couple of months and missed out on two auctions. To be honest, I only actually cared about one of them. We then won the auction for our dream house and got it significantly under our price limit. A couple of months later we put our house on the market and sold it the very same day. Yikes. Talk about sweet!

That all happened 6 months ago. The settlement date was long because the people we bought the new place off are heading overseas. The time has flown by though and we move next weekend. We’ve been slowly packing over the last month or so and things are going smoothly so far.

Our place is a bit like Noah’s Ark at the moment. We have two of everything. Two glasses, two plates, two sets of cutlery (I won’t go on…) because everything else is packed. We’ve been eating pretty unusual meals that I have managed to concoct using as many of the ingredients in the pantry as possible in order to make the move easier.

So next weekend we have a tightly packed schedule of cleaners, movers, furniture delivery people, alarm installation guys and curtain installers all coming at half hour intervals. I have carefully constructed lists of things that I have to remember to do, like get the power and gas readings, take the cats to the cattery and make sure my broadband is hooked up. Last night we met the girl who has bought our place and I did the hand over. I showed her how to work the alarm and which keys do what.

I’m starting to get pretty excited about it all! It’s just as well I don’t believe in jinxing things or I guess I’d be in trouble…


5 thoughts on “Hard is easy.

  1. Congrats congrats! I knew about the move, but I’m just so glad things are going so smoothly for you!! Yaaay.. I can’t wait til you get in your new place so I can see pics, and hear new stories, etc. haha.
    Hopefully we’ll have the same luck in about 3 weeks when we move! Moving with children is near impossible!

  2. When ‘they’ decided that moving was stressful, I wonder whether they took into account the distance of the move? I’ve moved a lot, and moving across town was, like your experience, easy. Moving intercity (250 kms) was a little more stressful, but still no biggie. Moving internationally (with the cat) was a pretty big deal, though (having said that, I don’t think I can complain — I chose this, and the end result has been really good. It’s just there was a heck of a lot going on at the time, is all).

  3. Hey, congratulations! I hope evreything does go well for you.

    I just moved last November to a house about 15 miles away from my old house. It wasn’t really too bad, expect trying to move some of the larger furnature (especially the beds) in and upstairs. It was a very necessary move though so it was nice, and exciting too.

    So I hope the move is exciting for you.

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