The Tight Three

Today I have a hangover. Tuesday night drinking may seem wildly inappropriate, but today is really my Friday. Tomorrow I head off for a long awaited tropical island holiday.  We’re going to Rarotonga for a wedding. I’m all packed and the housesitter has been well briefed on how to deal with extreme cat misbehaviour.

Bring. It. On.

The blame for the hangover can be placed squarely on my two best girlfriends. We fall smack bang into the New Zealand female binge drinker stereotype. We go out for a quiet wine and come home several bottles (each) later.  Last night we were exceptionally well behaved and actually ate dinner! The same can’t be said for the last time I got a hangover as a result of a Tight Three drinking excursion.

That last time was actually a bit of an eye opener. Only one of us is currently single. This is a relatively new phenomenon and meant that our usual stay-at-home drinking routine was deviated from in an attempt to actually meet other interesting people. We headed out to a couple of bars.

Holy mother of god! What an experience. I guess I’ve been protected from the dangers of bar trawling since my brother bought his bars. I very rarely go anywhere else.

Two things struck me. The first was that middle aged men on the prowl seem to hang out in packs. (I would say single middle aged men, but unfortunately that doesn’t always seem to be the case.) They can be identified by their uniform of too short jeans and leather jackets.

The second was just how true the concept of beer goggles is.  As the night wore on, the single member of our party started talking to more and more unusual specimens. Her coup de grâce was a guy who said he worked in film. I have no doubt that it was true. I think I recognise him as the guy that played Michael J Fox’s stunt double in Teen Wolf.

The night ended up as all good nights on the booze do. Catching a cab through the McDonalds drive through. I tried to order one MEELYAN dollars worth of chicken mcnuggets. Apparently only we found that funny.

What’s with sober people these days?


10 thoughts on “The Tight Three

  1. The first was that middle aged men on the prowl seem to hang out in packs.

    LOL.. and this was noted by the pack of THREE drunk thirty something women also out on the prowl, 😉 And what was your groups uniform ? Short skirts and plenty of cleavage? 😛

  2. Oh, Mike Wisher! In all your hurry to be defensive you missed some rather important points!!

    1 – Only ONE of us was on the prowl. The other two had an INCREDIBLY frustrating night fielding ridiculous pick up lines like “You girls look like you should be in Sex And The City”.

    2 – If we had a uniform I wouldn’t be making snide remarks about the fact that others did! (And for the record, I don’t wear short skirts. Short shorts perhaps, but never skirts).

  3. Defensive ?? hmmm it was actually intended as a humorous post. I’ve actually spent the last 48 hours throwing up every 30 minutes so my appologies if that last post came across as a dig at you. It was a very tired and sore mans poor attempt to be funny. Sorry.

  4. I take offense Hawk that you think I was on the prowl with the warewolf – I was only befriending him in case we needed to use him later on as party prop.

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