Maybe they do fry your brain

I had a couple of issues with microwaves in the weekend.

It started out in the early hours of Saturday morning. I was having a dream about microwaving stuff (that’s about all the detail I can remember) and I woke up wanting a new one. Due to the fact that I’ve been staunch about not spending money gratuitously in the days leading up to our move (at which stage our mortgage payments will double), I had to do a bit of good old female manipulation.

I explained to Shaun that our old microwave, which is white, would look absolutely terrible in our new stainless steel kitchen. As it turns out, that’s all I had to say. His eyes glazed over in that way that mens eyes do when you start talking about kitchen appliances and I knew that I had him.

So we went to the appliance shop and found the microwave of my dreams (literally). Shaun told me to step back and watch a master negotiator at work. I stepped back. The shop assistant approached and Shaun pointed out what we were after and then said to me “Hey, babe, what price did the guy in that other shop say we could have this for?” What the hell? I burned his face with my laser eyes and ignored him. So he tried again.

Shaun: “If you match the price from down the road, we’ll take it.”
The shop guy: “Sure sir, how much was that?”
Shaun: “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask my wife.”

I guess he wasn’t aware of just how close he was getting to not having a wife. He KNOWS that I can’t lie convincingly and he KNOWS that I hate haggling over pricing. I am the perfect consumer – I just take the bloody thing no matter how much it costs.

Anyway, I got my microwave and I was happy.

I went home and posted the old one on TradeMe in an attempt to recoup some of the cost. I screwed it up royally. Somehow I managed to list it as being 8mm high. Talk about slim-line! Someone posted a question asking for confirmation of that height. Upon measuring again, I discovered that it was more like 350mm high. Hmmm.

The same person then asked for confirmation of the depth, as it has to fit in a cupboard. Lucky she did… I had that wrong as well. So to cut a long story short (better late than never), she bought it.

I was lucky though – what a debacle!

Perhaps I’ve been standing too close to the microwave! Dad always said they fry your brain.


5 thoughts on “Maybe they do fry your brain

  1. Oh come on HAWK, more coordination here. Try to pretend you are in Ocean 11 twenty-four-seven.

    By the way if you even invent 8mm microwave give it to me, I’ll sell it for millions 😀

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